02/05/2019 | Announcements

Service of Remembrance for families that have lost babies during pregnancy or around giving birth

A Service of Remembrance will be held for families who have lost a baby during pregnancy or around the time of giving birth.

The remembrance service, led by the Colchester Hospital chaplains, will take place on Tuesday, 14 May at St James Parish Church, Beatrice Road, Clacton, at 7.30 pm and will last about 40 minutes.

It will include hymns, prayers, music and an opportunity for parents to take part in a candle-lighting ceremony in memory of their baby.

Afterwards, parents will have a chance to talk informally with each other over tea, coffee and biscuits and with members of the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust’s (ESNEFT) chaplaincy and maternity teams.

Lead chaplain Allison Cline-Dean, said: “The service is for all who have lost a child as a result of a miscarriage, stillbirth or shortly after the birth of the baby, whether that loss was recent or many years – or even decades – ago.

“Families can join together so their baby can be remembered and we can support each other in the journey of loss.”

The service is open to all who have been affected by the loss of a baby, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters.

More details can be obtained by contacting the Chaplaincy team at Colchester Hospital on 01206 742014.

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