20/03/2024 | Press releases

Robotic skills masterclass hailed a success

An international masterclass focused on perfecting bowel cancer surgery has taken place at Colchester Hospital’s ICENI Centre.

Organised by the Trust’s Ipswich Hospital colorectal team and led by consultant Mr Arshad Malik (pictured below), who specialises in robotic, laparoscopic colorectal and general surgery, the Colorectal Technical Skills Masterclass attracted delegates from as far afield as India.

The inaugural event showcased advanced techniques for performing cancer operations with precision, in turn ensuring as much of the tumour as possible is removed to increase the chance of a complete cure.

Speakers included world-leading expert Professor Amjad Parvaiz and Mr Michael Powar, a consultant colorectal surgeon at Cambridge University Hospitals, who shared their experience and knowledge.

“This unique event focused on the technical aspects of surgery,” said Mr Malik. “It served as a testament to the advancements we have made at ESNEFT in modernising our facilities and introducing cutting-edge robotic treatments for our cancer patients.

“Our goal was to demonstrate the best practices for performing these operations, ensuring that no cancer cells are left behind and that the tumour is completely removed.

“The masterclass not only provided an invaluable platform for knowledge exchange among experts but also underlined ESNEFT’s commitment to advancing surgical techniques and delivering the best possible care to cancer patients. It reinforced our reputation as a leader in surgical innovation and set the stage for future advancements in the field.”

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