20/08/2021 | Press releases

Nurse and mum of quads celebrates her daughters’ move into medicine

Left to right: Aneesha, Anjel, Aleena and Aneetta

Having your child follow in your footsteps is a proud moment for any parent. But for quadruplet mum and nurse Joby that joy is multiplied by four as all her daughters have joined her into the medical field.

Proud mum and Ipswich Hospital nurse Joby Shibu Mathew is celebrating after three of the quads have become nurses and one a physiotherapist.

Anjel, Aneetta and Aleena have qualified as nurses, with Aneesha completing her physiotherapy qualification this year.

Joby Shibu Mathew and daughters
From left to right: Aleena, Aneesha, Joby, Anjel and Aneetta

Joby, who herself qualified as a nurse in 2017, has always worked in the caring profession working as a senior carer before she began her nurse training in 2014. She said having worked in the caring profession it set the example for her quadruplet girls.

Joby added: “They said to me they saw my passion for caring and being a nurse and that that they wanted to do it too.

“Nursing options are great for them and it’s just how it’s worked out that they all wanted to do the same thing – with Aneesha the slight difference with physiotherapy.

“My husband Shibu and I are very proud of all of them.”

All four of the 21-year-olds began their training in 2018 and qualified this year, having spent their training placements at Ipswich Hospital.

The quadrupet Shibu Mathew sisters
From left to right: Aleena, Anjel, Aneetta and Aneesha

Aneesha said her mum had been her inspiration.

“When she completed her degree it was a huge inspiration for us all. We’d grown up in an environment where we saw how hard she worked and why she loved it.

“It’s funny my sisters and I have gone into the same career, but I think we often try to be different and we seem to end up choosing the same thing. It happens with lots of things in our life.

“I was attracted to physiotherapy because I wanted to help people recover and get them back to their lives.”

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