31/12/2023 | Press releases

NHS 75 photo series showcases innovation

This year has seen the NHS hit its 75th year, and we’ve marked it in many ways throughout 2023, with Park Runs, big tea events, lighting up our buildings in blue as well as sharing the work of teams at the county shows. We even had live coverage from our emergency department by the BBC on the NHS birthday in July.

But the celebrations haven’t quite finished yet, as we’re ending our 75th year by releasing a new photo series of images taken across the Trust.

Embracing innovation has been an important part of the NHS’ history and at ESNEFT using new technology is a big part of caring for our patients now and in the future.

We’ve captured the different ways we’re innovating at ESNEFT through a series of 12 images to mark the NHS at 75 and we’re sharing them with you now:

two men looking down a large circular tube. both in clinical uniforms
The latest microwave ablation technology allows clinicians to pinpoint treatment for complex tumours. The equipment destroys cancer cells using heat generated from the microwave radiation.
Woman in white clinical outfit next to white machine.
Breast care patients are scanned using the latest machinery for a quick and accurate diagnosis.
An eye surgeon is using the latest in cutting-edge technology on a patient to help maintain their vision.
black picture with light in middle and close up of hand poking a small disc under a microscope
A donated cornea is being prepared before being transplanted into a patient’s eye. This is possible through advances in technology and driven forward by eye surgeons at ESNEFT.
operating theatre with large white machine in shot with lots of arms
Robotic surgery is state-of-the-art technology used for many operations. This is the Da Vinci Xi robot used by surgeons, offering many benefits for patients.
doctor in full theatre gown, mask and visor looking intensely with a tool in her hand
Handheld robots are one of the latest pieces of technology surgeons are using for knee replacements.
view from high up looking down at three people using torso of a mannikin with medical tools
Training sessions at the Iceni Centre ensure ESNEFT colleagues – and clinicians from across the world – have the opportunity to learn new approaches and ways of practising medicine.
close up of a man holding a petri dish
Our laboratories run 24 hours a day, seven days a week to test patients’ samples, blood or biopsies. Their fast turnaround and accurate information helps clinicians prescribe the right medication and treatment for the patient as quickly as possible.
woman in laboratory coat standing by screens with purple images
Using digital technology helps speed up a diagnosis for patients. This equipment is the latest technology in histopathology, showing clear and large images from biopsies supporting clinicians diagnosing conditions and planning treatment.
side view of a patient bed and nurse in background with plastic tube in foreground holding medical tubes
Colleagues are supported to develop their own innovative ideas, like this Bedhead Tidy. This innovation is a simple, easy-to-fit holder to keep patients’ oxygen and suction tubes tidy, ready for routine or emergency use.
two nurses pushing a machine with a mannikin along a hospital corridor
We’ve revolutionised basic life support training. Staff now complete their training with digital assessments and high-tech ‘simulation stations’ places around our hospitals and community sites.
operating theatre with hand holding scanner in foreground
New technology and digital tracking enables colleagues to pinpoint exactly what equipment was used with a patient or what implant has been inserted, such as a hip or shoulder replacement.

The 12 framed photos, taken by local photographer Warren Page, are on the walls at Colchester Hospital and Ipswich Hospital. At Colchester they’re near to AMSDEC and x-ray, opposite the Dementia Care tree mural, and at Ipswich Hospital they’re along the main corridor opposite the Education Centre.

Thank you to everyone who was willing to have their photo taken and be a part of the series.

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