15/06/2022 | Announcements, Partner communications

ESNEFT is phasing out NHSMail (nhs.net) accounts this year

ESNEFT email accounts are now secure for person identifiable data (PID). The ESNEFT email system has now been accredited as ‘secure’ for sending and receiving person identifiable data (PID) by NHS Digital. This means that ESNEFT staff no longer need NHSMail to send secure email and will be phasing out NHSMail accounts at ESNEFT over the year.  

Why are we doing this?  

Now that ESNEFT emails are secure, there is less need for an NHSMail account. By phasing out NHSMail, our staff will no longer need to check and keep track of a second email address, streamlining their email experience. 

Hosting NHSMail accounts costs the organisation a large amount of money. By phasing out NHSMail this will save money which can then be invested in care for our patients.   

Next steps 

Over the next few months we will be contacting those staff with an NHSMail account and informing them that their account will be closed. We are encouraging our staff to inform those they regularly email that their NHSMail account is closing and to contact them on their esneft email address. Staff have also been told to include an email signature and/or auto-response letting those they contact know that this is happening. 

The migration from NHSMail (@nhs.net) accounts to ESNEFT (@esneft.nhs.uk) accounts will take place over the course of the year. There will be no action required from our partner organisations, but we will keep you informed of any significant changes as this progresses. 

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