08/01/2019 | Press releases

Community service launched for people with type two diabetes

People living with type 2 diabetes in Ipswich and east Suffolk can now receive tailored support from a specialist ESNEFT dietitian to help them live healthier lifestyles.

A new Enhanced Lifestyle Support Service will be held in community locations in Ipswich and east Suffolk, allowing users to access to personal consultations and remote follow-up sessions as well as interactive group events, providing them with practical dietary advice and an introduction to getting and staying active.

According to Diabetes UK, people with diabetes spend just three hours a year on average with a healthcare professional, being left to manage their condition on their own for the remainder.

Ipswich Hospital-based diabetes dietitian Joanne Malocca, said: “Type 2 diabetes is tightly linked with diet and lifestyle yet individuals don’t always see a specialist dietitian as part of routine care.

“We offer a range of evidence-based programmes to support individuals to achieve significant weight loss, reduce their medication and in certain cases, even put their diabetes into remission altogether.

“Moreover, we aim to empower people with the knowledge and confidence to make better lifestyle choices to improve their diabetes and health overall.

“I’m so pleased to be involved in this brand new initiative to support those living with type 2 diabetes in communities across Ipswich and east Suffolk.”

An additional programme is being launched for six eligible patients, offering a 12-week, 800 calorie liquid diet replacement followed by a structured food re-introduction plan that can put type 2 diabetes into remission.

This programme, when used in a recent large study (The DiRECT trial), saw 46% of participants put their type 2 diabetes into remission and lose more than 22lb in weight.

Please contact Joanne Malocca on (01473) 704000 or joanne.malocca@nhs.net for more information on both programmes.

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