20/11/2019 | Press releases

Car park plan for Colchester Hospital

A planning application is being prepared to provide additional car parking facilities for staff on the Colchester Hospital site.

The proposal is for a single-storey deck car park on top of the lower half of Car Park K (behind the villas) to provide around 140 additional spaces.

This will replace the staff car parking spaces in Car Park A, which became a patient car park following the opening of the Urgent Treatment Centre.

All other existing car parking areas will remain as they are currently organised for staff and visitor parking.

The planning application is due to be submitted in December and feedback is welcome up until 5pm on Wednesday 27 November.

Any comments you may have can be emailed direct to samhazell@lppartnership.co.uk or you can fill in one of the comments forms located at all entrances to the hospital as well as in Senses restaurant.

The area in green is where additional car parking facilities would be provided, if a planning application is successful.


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