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New-look Patient Portal now live at Ipswich Hospital 

The Patient Portal is currently under review to see how we can improve this service for our patients. As a result, we are not sending any new invitations to join the Patient Portal. If you are already signed up to the Patient Portal, you will still be able to view your letters and continue using the Portal.

This will enable us to continue to develop the Portal to provide additional functions over time, and to provide the service to all our patients, not just those with appointments at Ipswich Hospital.

See your appointment letters and information online 

The Patient Portal shows your appointment letters and information about appointments online. Signing up is a short and secure process. You can even choose to go paperless and switch off postal appointment letters.  

Why join the Patient Portal? 

We know keeping on top of appointments can be difficult. We have designed the Patient Portal to: 

  • give you more control by providing access to information about your appointments 
  • reduce the chance of lost letters and confusion about appointment dates and times 
  • show information online anytime anywhere wherever you are 
  • offer you a choice of ways to receive information from the hospital. 

Please be aware that some specialties do not use the Patient Portal for clinical or sensitivity reasons but we expect all areas to be available soon. 

Launching at Colchester Hospital in 2023

We hope that the Patient Portal will launch  at Colchester Hospital later this year. 

Technical problems? 

If you’re having difficulty with the Patient Portal, please email us on and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  

Do I have to sign up for the patient portal?

No, the patient portal is an entirely optional service. You can continue to receive your appointment information via paper letters if you so wish and we will not sign you up to the patient portal without your consent.

How do I know when a new letter can be viewed on the portal?

You will receive an email from and in the subject line it will say ‘New Document Available to Read’. 

I am under 18. Can I sign up to the patient portal?

No, patients who are under 18 cannot sign up to the patient portal.  

If I decide I would like to receive my appointments by post and not on the patient portal, how do I do this?

You can log onto the patient portal and set your preferences to post rather than digital.  Your next appointment you will receive in the post. You can change your preferences by visiting ‘My Account Details’ and changing your Correspondence Method.

Can I view my letters in different formats on the patient portal/change my details?

When you sign up to the patient portal you can specify if you would like to view your letters in the following formats: 

  • EasyRead 
  • Large font 
  • Yellow background 

You can also set these preferences after you have signed up to the patient portal. 

Use one of the emails detailing you have a letter waiting and sign into the patient portal, click on account details. 

Here you can change your email address, phone number and the format of your letters. 

Once you have completed your changes click on the ‘update accessibility needs’ button. 


You will then be asked to enter in a code that you will receive via your mobile phone. 

Once completed, click on the button ‘return to my documents’.

What if I am having difficulties with the patient portal?

Please send an email to detailing what issues you’re facing and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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