Pathology molecular lab


Pathology molecular lab


Photograph of the equipment in the pathology molecular lab at Ipswich Hospital


The £5.3 million lab, at Ipswich Hospital, will play a key part in helping the trust continue its response to the pandemic by processing COVID-19 tests.

It will also allow our pathology team to carry out more tests for a range of other diseases including flu, MRSA and cancer.

The new building has spacious labs and room for more equipment giving us the chance to process COVID-19 tests. There is also dedicated space for the infection prevention control team, more storage, training, meeting rooms and more.

The team is now able to process 1,200 to 1,500 tests per day, seven days a week – receiving them through a drive-through hatch in a secure and social distanced setting. Before we moved into the new reception, analysers were using three computers due to a lack of space. Now the new reception allows six computers with the hatch to the right of the room.

The new lab has seven main clinical rooms including a decontamination room where all samples are processed, an extraction room where any genetic material found in the sample is extracted, and the main microbiology room where biomedical scientists are on rotational shifts so that testing and processing continues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Illustration of the new pathology lab at Ipswich Hospital

Design for the pathology lab

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