Other schemes


Upgrades and maintenance works

Over the next couple of years ESNEFT is investing into the running of Ipswich Hospital in other areas too. You may see extra works taking place when you visit.

Part of this will include £1.6million spent on maintenance works. This will be for things that our patients, visitors and staff do not see on a day to day basis such as pipes, electrics and other behind the scene workings. However, they are important in the efficient running of the hospital and need to take place.

Ward upgrades are also important to Ipswich Hospital and the estates team are investing £1.2million into them. This may cause some disruption to patients and visitors but the team will make sure that this is kept to a minimum.

In addition to the other big build works taking place ESNEFT will be spending £6million on smaller schemes. Look out for more information on these pages, in our magazine ESNEFT life and on our news page when these schemes go live.

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