Building Work at Clacton Hospital


Over the next few months there will be building work at Clacton District Hospital.

This project will be making way for a new health testing centre. It will bring the diagnosis service closer to where patients are and offer a choice to speed up access to care. This means that when you need diagnostic tests for you and your loved ones that live in the area, you will be seen quicker and more likely not needing to travel up to Colchester. It will also see additional jobs created in the local community across a range of specialties.

From 25 October, the main contractor will be arriving to start work in the Peter Bruff building for the next several months. This will include a crane being brought onsite. Skips will be onsite to remove furniture and equipment that has been stored in the building that is no longer fit for purpose.

The health testing centre, also known as a Community Diagnostic Hub, will be operational from March 2022 opening 12 hours a day, seven days a week in ECGs, echocardiograms and diagnostic imaging including CT scans.

ESNEFT will be working with system partners on the first phase of the project to improve services at the hospital for our patients and staff.

As the works are taking place onsite, we do not expect any major disruptions. However, there may be disruptions to your view and sounds of building work coming from the site.

Please bear with us for the short-term as in the long term it will improve your hospital.

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