Recovering after Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Recovery following Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please read our patient leaflet about recovery following Coronavirus (COVID-19). The aim of this booklet is to provide you with information to assist and support your recovery following your discharge from hospital. It is important to understand that recovery from Coronavirus (COVID-19) will take time and that each person is different in their rate of recovery.

Please find below some additional links to resources that are not within the leaflet. – As you find yourself recovering, you may still be coming to terms with the impact the virus has had on both your body and mind. These changes should get better over time, some may take longer than others, but there are things you can do to help. – you may find this website helpful if your breathing continues to feel different to normal as you are recovering. – this link will take you to the British Lung Foundations advice on staying active – this link will take you to the British Lung Foundations videos of exercise for people with lung conditions

The following two links provide some additional information on managing fatigue

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