Going to A&E during COVID-19


We understand that people may be feeling anxious about attending our Emergency Departments at the moment and do not want to contribute to the current pressures on the NHS. However, we want to remind people that both departments are still open at Colchester and Ipswich hospitals.

If you, or anyone you live with, has any symptoms of a serious illness or injury such as a heart attack, stroke or severe bleeding please call 999 or attend the Emergency Department.

At East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT), we have adopted a new streaming approach for patients attending with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 at both Colchester and Ipswich hospitals. The process differs slightly for each hospital, but we have separated the pathways for patients who attend into red and green pathways.

As part of this process, both our Emergency Departments on the Ipswich and Colchester sites have been split into two areas, too. A red zone for suspected COVID-19 patients and a green zone for non-suspected COVID-19 patients.

You should still attend A&E via the usual front door. At Colchester Hospital this is the Urgent Treatment Centre at the front of the main building, and at Ipswich Hospital it is the Garrett Anderson Centre entrance.

When you arrive at the Emergency Department you will be triaged in the usual way – regardless of COVID-19 and then be told where is best to go.



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