A message for all our patients coming into hospital for an operation or procedure


Thank you for choosing to be treated at our Trust and thank you for following all of the guidance we have given you if you are coming into hospital for an operation in the next two weeks. This guidance includes ‘shielding’ or self –isolating at home for 14 days before your operation and having a COVID-19 test swab, three to four days before your operation.

New national guidance has just been published from NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) which says that patients coming into hospital only need to ‘shield’ or self-isolate from the time they have their COVID-19 swab until their operation. This is likely to be three to four days. Some patients who may be especially vulnerable may still need to self-isolate for 14 days. Clinicians caring for these patients will develop individual care plans in partnership with patients.

We will be introducing this latest guidance from Wednesday 5 August 2020 for all patients being booked in for their operation or procedure from this date.

If we have already booked your operation or procedure and have asked you to shield for 14 days, please can you continue to do so. You can read the latest information for patients below:

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