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Role of our key workers

What is a key worker?

While we are caring for you, most of you will have a main point of contact called a key worker. This is usually a clinical nurse specialist (CNS) or a specialist radiographer.

Your key worker is an important member of the Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) specialists working together to support you.

You may meet your key worker at your first appointment, or after you have been diagnosed.

They will explain your tests and treatment options and support you and your family. You will also be given written information about the type of cancer you have, and other sources of information and support.

Your Key worker may change as you go through different treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy

They support you by:

  • providing one-to-one care and support
  • helping you to understand and get through your treatment, including managing any side effects or symptoms
  • communicating between members of your care team such as your GP, practice nurse, community nurse and social worker
  • Giving you details of support groups and other organisations that you may find helpful.Contact details will be in your Patient information file
    Your keyworker will have an Answerphone

If you can’t get hold of your key worker and need to speak to someone;

Ring the Cancer Support and Information Centre on 01473 715748 (for Ipswich) or the Wellbeing Centre (for Colchester) on 01206 745347/745349

Role of the Key Worker

Meet our key workers


RACHEL CLIFTON (Oncology breast cancer clinical nurse specialist


CHARLOTTE DURRANT (Lower gastro intestinal nurse specialist)

KERRY BOXALL (Gynae oncology nurse specialist)

HERMIONE WARNER-CHARLICK (Haematology nurse specialist)

JAYNE CHAPPELS (Haematology nurse specialist)

NIK GILL (Haematology nurse specialist)

MAGGIE BINGLE (Prostate cancer nurse specialist)

KAREN SHEEN (Upper Gastro intestinal and Hepatobiliary nurse specialist)

CHARLOTTE ETHERIDGE (Lead Macmillan Urology Nurse Specialist)

DEBBIE HOLLAND (Uro-Ocology Cancer Nurse Specialist)

ADELE EAST (Brain/head and neck cancer nurse specialist)



Meet our key workers


SALLY-ANNE PHILPOTT (Head and neck nurse specialist)

VICTORIA CLARK (Lung nurse specialist)

LUCY POWELL (Urology cancer nurse specialist)

ANDREA NEARS (Breast cancer nurse specialist)

ALLISON HERD (Breast cancer nurse specialist)


NATALIE WHEATLEY (Neuro oncology and teenagers and young adults CNS)

JAN EDWARDS (Colorectal nurse consultant)

RACHEL WHITE (Haematology clinical nurse specialist)




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