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Hearing and balance services

20/06/2018 |

What we do Our audiology team assess and help adults and children with hearing and listening disorders. Our services include: Hearing aid fitting, repair and retuning Bone anchored hearing aid clinics Balance investigations Specialist assessment clinics for patients with more complex needs Custom noise protection plugs and swim plugs Children’s hearing services including assessment, fitting… Read more »

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Heart conditions

20/06/2018 |

Our service In this department we deal with anything to do with your heart: Chest pain Breathlessness Palpitations or faints Some conditions we treat are: Heart attacks Angina Heart failure Heart valve disease High blood presure High cholesterol You may be seen by one of our specialist nurses who run clinics for: Angina Atrial fibrillation… Read more »

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12/07/2018 |

In this department we deal with any problems arising from hormonal imbalances. This can include: Menopause Metabolic disorders Lack of growth Osteoporosis Thyroid diseases Cancers of the endocrine glands Over production of hormones Under production of hormones Cholesterol disorders Hypertension Infertility Our aim in this department is to restore the natural balance of hormones in… Read more »

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