Pathology service

The Pathology Service is an integrated service based on three sites. Blood Sciences (incorporating Biochemistry, Haematology and Blood Transfusion) is situated in Colchester General Hospital, the Microbiology Department is sited at 214 Turner Road, and the Histopathology and Cytopathology laboratories are housed in Villa 6 on the main hospital site.

Pathology is not only an analytical diagnostic service, but also a clinical service. We can give advice on all aspects of our service including taking samples, the interpretation of a result or report, advice on further investigation, antibiotic treatment etc. Do not hesitate to contact the appropriate department.

We constantly strive to provide a quality service and we ask your assistance, that when making requests, full request and clinical details are included and a separate request form/specimen is provided for each department.

Firstly, we are only as good as the information you give us. If you do not write clearly and legibly, or you omit to state where your patient is being treated – and by whom, we cannot send you a report, nor can we contact you should we need to discuss the case further.

In the case of a General Practitioner, it is important that, in addition to the doctor’s name, surgery address/name is used on all pathology requests. This ensures the results reach the correct surgery.

Consequently all G.P. appointments, resignations and change of surgery address must be notified to the Pathology help desk on 0333 103 2220.

Within Pathology, full request and clinical details, including the date of collection, are essential in all work undertaken and a separate request form/specimen is required for each department. It is the duty of the requesting doctor to indicate to the laboratory that a specimen may be high risk by affixing the “Danger of Infection” label to both request form and specimen bottle. Please give sufficient clinical information to enable the laboratory staff to know what special precautions to take. For requests requiring blood for transfusion and blood products, it is mandatory that the specimen and request form are signed by a clinician.

A courier service is provided which delivers reports, supplies and all Trust mail to the G.P. surgeries. The drivers also collect return mail destined for any department within Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust and G.P. pathology specimens.

If you have any comments about the quality of our service, please contact the help desk on 0333 103 2220 in the first instance and they will be able to assist you

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