24/08/2018 | Press releases

“Life-changing” skin pilot launches at Ipswich Hospital

Patients can now receive potentially life-changing help to camouflage facial disfigurements, acne marks, scars, surgical wounds and other skin conditions at Ipswich Hospital.

The skin camouflage clinic gives patients the chance to spend an hour with Allison Weston, maxillofacial and plastic surgery nurse specialist, who will talk to them about their goals before teaching them how to apply special make-up to cover their scar or condition.

The clinic, a pilot scheme, launches on 13 September and is thought to be the first of its kind offered in East Anglia by a member of hospital staff. Initially the clinic will only be available to patients referred by colleagues at Ipswich Hospital, but may be opened up to patients from other hospitals if there is sufficient demand.

dermatology application

“I am so pleased that we are now able to offer this potentially life-changing service to Ipswich Hospital patients,”

said Allison, who has recently completed a diploma course run by the British Association of Skin Camouflage.

“Skin camouflage can make a huge difference to people and give them a real confidence boost, and is also a quick fix and something they can learn to do themselves. It can benefit a massive range of people, including those with skin conditions, birth marks surgical wounds, acne marks, self-harm scars or who have had a skin graft they would like to camouflage. People may be going on holiday so want to cover a scar on their leg, for example, or they could have had facial surgery and want people to stop staring when they go to the shops or out for dinner.

The products are very clever. Some are thicker than normal make-up and are more difficult to rub off, so people can continue to enjoy activities such as swimming with the camouflage in place. We can also recreate stubble on someone’s chin, for example, which men with facial scars can find really useful.

I’m really looking forward to putting the skills I learned while completing the diploma to good use and helping to boost people’s confidence and make a difference to their lives.”

Allison will initially run clinics for half a day a month, with the pilot running for six months before its success is evaluated.

For more information about skin camouflage, visit www.skin-camouflage.net

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