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Virtual Fracture Clinic (VFC)
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Colchester Hospital


For clinic appointments /admin, call 01206 746 543, Monday to Friday, 8am–4pm
For clinical issues related to the VFC only, call 07717 367 583, Mon to Fri, 9am–5pm


Discharge advice following attendance with a hand (5th metacarpal neck) fracture

You have a minor break near the knuckle and it will usually start to settle in 3–4 weeks.

It may take eight weeks or longer before your hands returns to normal.

The finger strapping may help the pain and allow early movement.

Because the break can be close to the joint you must move your fingers and hand as soon as possible even if this means overcoming the discomfort.

After 3–4 weeks remove the strapping.

Use your hand as normally as possible.

This will not cause further damage but heavy lifting may be uncomfortable for 6–8 weeks.

Hand grip is generally very good after this type of injury.

As the bone heals, a lump will form at the break site and the knuckle will not be as prominent as prior to the injury.

There will be some shortening of the finger expected as a consequence of the injury

X-ray of a hand with a fifth metacarpal neck fracture


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