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Virtual Fracture Clinic (VFC)
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Colchester Hospital


For clinic appointments /admin, call 01206 746 543, Monday to Friday, 8am–4pm
For clinical issues related to the VFC only, call 07717 367 583, Mon to Fri, 9am–5pm


Discharge advice following attendance with a child’s clavicle fracture


Your child has fractured their clavicle (collar bone). This type of fracture is common in children.

Clavicle fractures heal well – the only treatments required are pain relief medication and a sling.

The fractured clavicle is likely to be painful for 4–5 weeks.

Your child may find it more comfortable to sleep sitting upright for a few days after the injury.

The shoulder and arm can be moved out of the sling as pain allows. This will usually be about 2–3 weeks after the injury but can be sooner if comfortable.

As the fracture heals there will be a bump over the bone. This will disappear but can take one year to do so. If your child is older than ten years a small bump may remain.

Your child may return to sports such as swimming as soon as comfortable, but should avoid contact sports (such as football, rugby and basketball) for six weeks.

X-ray showing a clavicle fracture




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