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You will be treated with Bath PUVA on a schedule involving three PUVA treatments over a two‑week period.

Week 1: Monday and Friday

Week 2: Wednesday

  • Before each bath your skin will be assessed by a nurse
  • You must wear protective goggles or glasses in the bath
  • After the solution has been added to the bathwater, lie in the water immersed up to your neck. It is important to keep the water circulating to avoid concentration of the solution
  • Spend 15 minutes in the bath
  • If the solution gets into your eyes please inform the nurse immediately. Your eyes will then be rinsed with sodium chloride solution
  • Do not add anything else to the bath, such as oils or soap
  • After 15 minutes, pat yourself dry with a towel
  • UVA treatment will be given as soon as possible (within five minutes)
  • Goggles must be worn in the machine
  • It is advisable to shower after your treatment to remove any residual psoralens. Use a clean dry towel to dry yourself to prevent transferring psoralens back onto your skin. However, if you do not wish to shower, please make sure a sunscreen has been applied to any areas which may be exposed to the sun
  • Your skin may remain photosensitive for up to one week after treatment so you must avoid sunlight during your treatment period
  • It is also advisable that patients who may be exposed to bright sunlight should wear protective glasses for the 12 hours following treatment
  • You may use moisturisers as normal. Do not use Dithranol or tar on days of treatment unless otherwise instructed


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