Advice on continence products during your stay


If you experience some incontinence during your stay, our ward staff will help you find ways to improve or overcome this.



Sometimes it may be necessary to wear continence pads. This can be particularly useful when undergoing treatment to improve your continence. There may be alternatives for you to use instead of pads. Please ask the ward staff.

Pads are only recommended for incontinent patients. If you like to wear a light pad for occasional  incontinence or “just in case” then please bring your own into hospital with you, as the pads supplied in hospital are very absorbent and will not be suitable for occasional accidents.

Also if you are prescribed pads at home, please bring them into hospital with you as these are likely to be the best pads for you.

Staff will assess patients to see if they need continence products and also to start treatment to improve continence.


Going home

If you still require continence products when you are discharged into the community, the ward staff will refer you to the community continence services. There may be a waiting list for this, so the following advice may help:

  • Please follow the treatment and advice our staff have given you.
  • Ask your relatives/friends to purchase pads ready for your discharge home.
  • Do not store pads in the bathroom, they absorb moisture so this makes them less efficient.
  • Follow manufacturer’s advice on fitting.
  • Use water-based creams (Not talc or oil based creams) sparingly.
  • Use net pants or your own underwear (boxer shorts are not suitable).


Pads can be obtained from:

  • most supermarkets
  • chemists
  • online
  • mobility shops


For more information please contact ESNEFT ward staff

Colchester Hospital: 01206 747 474

Ipswich Hospital: 01473 712 233


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