29/10/2019 | Press releases

Hospital-only walking frames introduced to help patients #GetUpAndGo

Patients at Ipswich Hospital are being given extra help to #GetUpAndGo while reducing their chance of falling thanks to the introduction of new walking frames solely for use during inpatient stays.


Pictured are Lyndsey Smith, occupational therapy team lead, Doris Allaton and James Lander, therapy equipment lead

The distinctive bright red frames are specifically for temporary use until a relative can bring in the patient’s own frame. They must remain in the hospital at all times and should not be given to patients to take home.

The frames have been introduced to improve safety while helping us meet a new national CQUIN target for falls, which states that patients aged over 65 who usually use a frame should be able to access one for their personal use within 48 hours of admission. Its aim is help patients get up, mobilise and maintain their independence while stopping them from sharing frames with others in nearby beds, which increases their chance of falling.

When patients are admitted, staff should complete page 15 of the ICP patient notes booklet to show they have checked whether they need a frame before signing it to indicate if one has been issued. This physical note is vitally important, as it will be used as evidence during audits to prove we are meeting the target.

Frames can be ordered by bleeping the equipment team on 766 from 8am to 4pm on Monday to Friday. Staff should also contact the team once the patient has finished with the frame so that it can be collected and prepared for the next patient.

Ward colleagues who need a red frame out of hours can sign one out from the stroke therapy gym by the Shotley Ward.

It is essential that the red frames do not leave the hospital so that we always have a supply available to keep patients safe, can meet the new CQUIN target and do not have to pay for replacements if patients take them home.

The new system does not affect Colchester, where walking frames are issued by the therapy team.



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