Rheumatoid arthritis exercise group

Rheumatoid arthritis exercise group

This is an exercise class to help people with rheumatoid arthritis relieve pain and improve fitness.  It is run by volunteer Glenda Deakin.

The group meets on Thursday evenings and offers hydrotherapy in the hospital’s specialist pool as well as exercise.

Patients are given exercises by their physiotherapist but always need to progress to improve their fitness, and it is a big jump to move on to joining a gym. Lots of people think gyms are for fit people and this can dissuade them from continuing with their fitness. This group tailors the exercises to the individual, by arthritis experts.

The group offers:

  • Hydrotherapy – warm water exercise with help from qualified physiotherapists
  • Keep fit – exercises for all abilities to improve movement
  • Hand wax – warm wax treatment to sooth aching joints
  • Support from patients – share tips and support with other patients
  • Expert speakers – advice from health professionals and alternative therapists
  • Refreshments available at the session

All patients with inflammatory arthritis are welcome to attend the group.  If you are not already seeing a hospital consultant, we will require a letter from your GP to confirm that you have inflammatory arthritis.

There are chair based exercises for the less mobile through to circuit training and simple aerobics.

There is a £12.00 joining fee and then £12.00 per annum thereafter. There is also a £5.00 fee for each evening attended but people can come as little or often as they like, so far cheaper than joining a gym.

The group meets each Thursday evening between 1800 and 2030 at the Ipswich Hospital Physiotherapy Department (Entrance 5).  This is also the Rheumatology Entrance. If you decide to give the group a go, your first Thursday is on a free trial basis.

A free parking permit will be issued to those members requiring one.

For more information, please contact Glenda Deakin on 07902 941 583.

More information about the condition can be sourced on the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society website.

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