Carers Hospital Support Service


Do you look after a relative or friend who needs support because of a disability, illness, addiction or frailty?  If you are, then you are a carer and we can help while you or the person you look after is admitted into hospital.

What we do

Carers FIRST support staff work within the hospital and if you or the person you are caring for are admitted, they are available to support you during the stay.  Contact us to meet you at the hospital.

How we can help

We can support you to have conversations with the Hospital teams to ensure:

  • Hospital staff recognise that you are a carer
  • You are able to look after the person you care for when either they or you leave hospital
  • You have been given a choice in whether or not you are able to provide support and care.

For more information download our Carers First leaflet or contact us:

Telephone: 0300 303 1555






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