Staff Awards categories and judging criteria

Team of the Year

This award recognises an outstanding team which really makes a difference to our patients – do you know or work with them?

  • Do all members function as a truly cohesive team while celebrating and representing diversity?
  • Do they have complementary skills and abilities?
  • Are they open, communicative and helpful?
  • Do they consistently supply an excellent service to patients/carers/staff?


Living the Values Colleague of the Year

Our organisational values are that colleagues should be optimistic, appreciative and kind (OAK).

  • Do they live the OAK values? Tell us how
  • Do they champion equality, diversity and inclusion?
  • What stands them apart as an outstanding colleague?
  • How do they make a difference to patients and / or staff?


Supporter of the Year

NHS life is made so much better for patients and staff by our volunteers, fundraisers, helpers and other supporters. This award seeks to recognise an individual who makes an exceptional contribution, or has shown unrivalled dedicated commitment.

  • How is the Trust a better place because of them?
  • Do they work in effective partnership with hospital colleagues?
  • How is their support exceptional?


Leader of the Year

This individual award is for someone who is a natural leader who inspires others and is a passionate advocate of great care for patients.

  • Do they empower others to do a great job and put patients first?
  • Do they motivate those around them, even at challenging times?
  • Are they an inspiring role model to everyone in our workforce?
  • This may be a clinician who has displayed excellent clinical leadership during the challenging times of the pandemic.


Leader of the Future

As the NHS faces a tough future we need to talent spot brave leaders. Tell us about someone who:

  • Has a long and bright NHS career ahead of them
  • Embraces the challenges facing the NHS and has an optimistic and innovative outlook
  • Wins the respect of their peers and others
  • Has what it takes to be a senior leader of the future


Trainee of the Year

This award will recognise an exceptional trainee, junior, student or a colleague who is carrying on their learning. Nominations are welcome for any individual trainee in any role, clinical or non clinical – trainee doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, theatre staff, apprentices, healthcare assistants, even colleagues who are qualified, but are undertaking further training

  • Does  this person have a bright NHS career ahead of them, why?
  • Are they always looking to learn and improve?
  • Do they demonstrate willingness to be a team player?
  • Does their belief in excellent patient care shine through?


Time Matters Award

  • Dealing with health issues can be stressful, both for the individual affected and for those caring for them. Too often, the complexity of the health and care system adds unnecessary stress. At the heart of this is time. Time is important to everyone whether as patients, as family or carers, or as staff delivering care.
  • Our philosophy is that time matters. We aim to improve services to make every moment count.
    This is an award for an individual or team who recognises that time matters for our patients, their loved ones and staff. Tell us about colleagues who have saved time, made time better or reduced unnecessary stress for others.


Working Together Award

Health and social care systems are integrating and we want staff to work collaboratively and share good practice. This award is for an individual or team who has worked across the boundaries.

  • Have they worked collaboratively with colleagues at other sites to improve services?
  • Have they flown the ESNEFT flag as part of a regional or national network?
  • Have they openly shared good practice developed here with others?
  • Are they proactive and a driving force for working across the health and social care system?
  • Do they look for opportunities to listen and act upon seldom heard voices?
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