Armed Forces Op RESTORE

Op RESTORE is the new name for the Veterans Trauma Network.


What is Op RESTORE?

Op RESTORE is an NHS service that ensures those who have served in the UK Armed Forces access the right NHS treatment for significant, continuing physical injuries and illnesses caused by their time in the Armed Forces.

Working together with military and civilian medical professionals, along with charities, we understand military life and the physical issues that can result from this.

Regardless of how long you served for, or how long ago you left the Armed Forces, we can support you with getting the right support to help restore your health and wellbeing.


How is Op RESTORE different?

We know that you and your family might be affected by a range of health and wellbeing issues due to your time in Service. We can help by:

  • ensuring you can access the care you need within the NHS
  • making sure you’re treated by people who understand the military world and specialise in the type of physical health problems you have
  • putting together a care plan shaped around your needs.


Who is Op RESTORE for?

It doesn’t matter when the physical health problem happened or when you left the Armed Forces, Op RESTORE can help you if:

  • you’ve served at least one day in the British Armed Forces
  • your physical health problem is known to be caused by your time in Service
  • you’ve asked your GP to refer you.

We work closely with Op COURAGE: The Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Service and can help you to access this service if you need support for your mental health. We also have close ties with military charities including Defence Medical Welfare Services (DMWS), Blesma – The Limbless Veterans, Help for Heroes, the Royal Marines Association and Blind Veterans UK, who can offer you further help.


How can I get help from Op RESTORE?

Ask your GP to refer you to Op RESTORE – we can then create a plan for you using clinical information from your medical records.

Op RESTORE referral forms for GP’s are available via email.


What happens after my GP referral to Op RESTORE?

Once we’ve received your referral and clinical information from your GP, a support worker from a military charity will get in touch – this usually takes about five working days. Your support worker can:

  • help you get any non clinical and welfare support you need
  • talk through any concerns or questions you have
  • keep you updated as your referral is being reviewed
  • help your family or carer access support if needed.

When your referral and the Service related clinical information from your GP is received, we will review it. This process normally takes about 8 weeks during which time we will make a plan for your care.

We want to make sure that you’re seen by a clinician with the right skills and experience to treat you and will refer you, where needed, to other NHS services. It may be that you are already receiving the most appropriate health care for your needs, in which case we will confirm your treatment and may still offer some welfare support if you need it.

We use existing NHS services and because of this you may have to wait a few months before seeing someone. Please be aware that the NHS service we recommend may not be local to you. Whilst Op RESTORE is unable to reduce NHS waiting times, we will work with you to ensure you are able to see the best person to treat you.

Once your clinical plan has been agreed by a consultant with expertise in caring for those with Service related issues, we will contact your GP who will let you know the next steps.

Email Op RESTORE for more information or speak to your GP.


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